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Competitive Teams

Competitive Teams of Girls Gymnastics, Boys Gymnastics, and Trampoline and Tumbling for boys and girls! Students for this program are either selected by MGA coaches from MGA classes, or may tryout for a team. Competitive teams participate in various competitions in the state and region.  


At MGA, we offer beginning to advanced level competitive teams for girls. We compete Xcel levels Silver through Platinum and DP Levels 1-10. Our competitive teams focus on both the quality of the gymnastics and the quality of the athlete. We beleive in training gymnasts with their whole well-being in mind, aiming to strike a balance of pushing a gymnasts to be their best while also focusing on having a healthy mindset and creating positive habits. 

Competitive teams work on skill and technique progressions, mastering more basic elements before graduating onto incrementally more difficult skills and complex techniques. Conditioning exercies and flexibility training also become increasingly challenging as girls progress through the levels. Safety is our highest priority and we use a wide variety of equipment such as foam block pits, tumble track and trampolines, mats, wedges and barrels to safely perform repetitions of elements and learn new elements while minimizing the risk of injury.

There are two ways to have the ability to join the MGA team. For girls that are already members of MGA, girls must be a part of the Pink Plus Level 3 program, and have the following:

  1. Score of 32.0 All-Around or higher at an MGA in-gym competition,
  2. Proficiency score of 80% or higher at MGA skill testing, and 
  3. Invitation from a team coach

Additional Skills Learned in Competitive Team

  • strength, balance, and flexibility
  • teamwork and team unity
  • discipline and respect for one another
  • goal-setting skills and overcoming fears

Trampoline and Tumbling Class Information

Class Length and Cost: Menu of Prices and Schedules
  • tank top, athletic shirt, or leotard and shorts (available in our pro shop)
  • hair longer than shoulder-length pulled up
  • no jewelry or dangling earrings (posts are okay)
  • no shoes (sock are okay)
  • no gum

T&T Class Information


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